ReStored Thrift Store


What is ReStored?

  • ReStored is a ministry that provides resources, meets needs, and ultimately points others to a relationship with Jesus Christ by operating an outreach center built on a thrift store model.

How is ReStored different from other Thrift Stores?

  • ReStored is a non-profit thrift store operated with all volunteers so that our profits can be used for ministry that helps support community needs.  The atmosphere of the store is encouraging and supportive, with excellent customer service that goes above and beyond.  In addition, ReStored houses a Ministry Center that offers scheduled times for support services to the community, including but not limited to: prayer, spiritual support and encouragement, training for parenting, job coaching, ELL classes, access to and assistance with online applications for county aide, Bible studies and more.

How much of your profits go to Ministries?

  • All of ReStored profits (less a 10% operational reserve, based on SAP) go to Ministry.  This is possible because of our all volunteer staff.

What products do you sell at ReStored?

  • ReStored offers a wide variety of used and new household items, linens, furniture and clothing in excellent condition.

Do you give away free household items & clothes?

  • We do not give away items, but we can refer you to organizations that do.

What types of ministry does ReStored offer or support?

  • ReStored partners with a variety of community and faith-based agencies and organizations, in addition to providing services and ministries from Trinity, the church who owns ReStored.


Can anyone volunteer?

  • Volunteers are from Trinity Church and the local community. If you would like to volunteer sign up here or email us at for more information.

What will I be asked to do if I volunteer?

  • The store has many different roles for volunteers. Generally, new people begin in the backroom and move to different areas from there, including sales floor clerks, stocking, security and the cash register.

What types of support does a volunteer receive?

  • Volunteers receive specific training for each role and ongoing support when they serve. Volunteers enjoy a sense of community and purpose as they serve together.

How often would I need to volunteer?

  • We generally ask that volunteers serve a four hour shift on a regular basis (either weekly or twice a month). However, we will try to work with your schedule as much as possible. For example, some volunteers leave MN in the winter and we simply ask for time to plan around that.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • There are many benefits to volunteering: 1) the local community receives help because of your service, 2) store customers receive the best goods at the lowest price, 3) volunteering provides significant help to those who rely on thrift goods to manage a tight budget, and 4) you will be part of a recycling and conservation effort by keeping used goods out of overflowing landfills.


When and where can I bring in my donations?

  • You can bring donations to the east door of the store during open hours, located to the right of the main store entrance. (Mon.-Thurs.  9 AM – 8 PM, Fri.-Sat. 9 AM – 5 PM)

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

  • Yes, ReStored is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

What kinds of donated goods does ReStored accept?

  • We accept your good, gently used:
    – Clothing and accessories
    – Housewares
    – Linens
    – Christian books
    – Jewelry
    – Purses
    – Toys and games
    – Small appliances
    – Newer electronics (5 years old or less)
    – Solid wood furniture
    – All other furniture in good stain-free and working condition. (if something is stained or torn we may need to reject it at the donation door)

Are there items ReStored cannot accept for donation?

  • Unfortunately, there are a few items we cannot accept for a variety of reasons, including safety and chemical hazards, inability to repair or clean items, product recalls or high disposal fees.
    – Used fitness equipment
    – Used mattresses or box springs
    – Sewing machines (unless approved)
    – Automobile parts
    – Computers or monitors
    – Large garden supplies
    – Used medical equipment
    – Light fixtures
    – Window treatments/blinds (unless new and unopened)
    – Construction supplies
    – Air humidifiers
    – Fire extinguishers
    – Infant/child car seats
    – Cribs
    – Baby walkers on wheels
    – Non-working appliances
    – Non-working electronics, or electronics over 5 years old
    – Most organs and pianos (Please call ahead)
    – Printers without ink, scanners without installation software
    – Water beds
    – Water heaters
    – Explosive or flammable material
    – Hazardous waste
    – Large appliances

Can ReStored pick up donations at my home?

  • ReStored has the capacity to make furniture pick-ups by appointment. Call 952.388.1525 for more information.

Exchange Policy

What is your exchange policy?

  • All sales are final. We do not make exchanges or take returns.

Do you buy goods or take goods on consignment?

  • We do not buy goods from the public directly, nor do we take goods on consignment. Because we are a nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible.