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Ministry Room Coordinator (volunteer)
We are looking for a very organized and creative person interested in managing the Ministry Room. Responsibilities would consist of:

  • Assisting to fill open time slots with activities or events throughout the week/year
  • Communicating expectations with Ministry Room volunteers
  • Obtaining feedback from special events and ministry groups
  • Coordinating with the Store Manager

Ministry Team Leaders (volunteers)
We are looking for Ministry Team Leaders, responsibilities would consist of:

  • Coordinating your group of ministry volunteers
  • Assuring your Ministry Volunteer Team receives appropriate training specific to their ministry and ReStored
  • Coordinate scheduling for the Ministry Room with the Ministry Room Coordinator
    Group ideas: ELL Class Leader, Education & Tutoring Leader (such as GED classes or student help), Job Coaching, Bible Study Leader, Financial Counseling Leader, Computer Skills Leader, **What's your idea?**

Ministry Partner Liaison (volunteer)
We are looking for someone with local community connections who is interested in coordinating Community Partnerships. Responsibilities would consist of:

  • Initiating contact with Community Leaders
  • Partnership Development and follow up
  • Plan events with community participation

Social Media Guru (volunteer)
We are looking for a creative, media savvy person to help keep our branding and communications fresh on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media venues Responsibilities would consist of:

  • Regular updates on social media venues
  • Assist with website ideas, photos, and blogging
  • Marketing assistance
    We would be open to working with students in Technical Colleges and Internships for this position. This position could be done from the comforts of your home.

If you would like more information on these positions or to volunteer, please contact Cindy Wacker.